Located in downtown LA's historic Little Tokyo district, the TAIKOPROJECT Academy offers taiko drumming classes for students of all ages.

The TAIKOPROJECT Academy is Los Angeles’ premiere taiko school, established in 2002 by Bryan Yamami and Masato Baba to perpetuate the art form of taiko in America. The Academy offers classes in taiko drumming to the general public for all ages and all skill levels.  

Since its inception, hundreds of children and adults have studied taiko at the Academy under the tutelage of highly-trained instructors from the TAIKOPROJECT.  

Courtesy of the Los Angeles TImes (2016)

Courtesy of the Los Angeles TImes (2016)



(213) 268-4011



505 E. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013



Sun 3pm – 9pm
Mon 6pm - 10pm
Thur 7pm - 10pm